Recreational Designs

HMD 850 Centre Console (Pure Naples) – Concept Study Plan – 26.03.2015[4]

We are working up some new designs  – actually proven designs by our marine architect Jarrod Hall  – Give us a ring if you are interested – The first couple out the door will get a WICKED deal.

We can use either Honda Outboards or Indmar inboard engines with a Hamilton Jet

The advantages of our construction out of welded aluminum is

– lighter — better performance and fuel economy

–Stronger and longer lasting  – will last a lifetime –

she can be powered by either an outboard or a Hamilton Jet and Indmar engine

We can power this all welded aluminum boat with either a Hamilton Jet or a Honda outboard.






JetSpeed 450 is done



Out of paint

Out of Paint… Looks Wicked!!!


LS 3 corvette engine by Kodiak

410 HP LS 3 engine

450 JetSpeed

Our 450 Jet Speed with an LS3 motor



These recreational boats use many of the same components found on our sturdy commercial boats — not a bit of plastic — like some of the jet boats that are really just large jet skis.  We are using KEM equipment 410 hp LS3 with a Scott Jet Pump for our first buyer.

Give us a call!

here is a sample list of options and prices — remember that these are CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM BOATS!


Hull all 5086 10mm delta, 5mm sides, 4mm deck, dash & floor
Paint/3m Wrap Complete custom Graphic with 3m Control Tac, interior & exterior 1 color paint
Jet unit
comercial grade Hamilton 212
Jet standard American Turbine – SD 309
High Performance Scott 850
Jet Unit/Engine Combo Ecotec Jet & 4 cylinder motor,                             
Engine LS3 KODIAK Marine,
LSA KODIAK Marine 530 hp turbo charged,
Electrical dash
gauges (oil, tac, temp, gas, hour)
1300 gph bilge pump
12v receptacle
hotfoot & cables
reverse & steering
Fuel system (fill, vent, fuel cap, fuel tank)
KLS Aluminum quiet exhaust & hose & clamps
sandtrap, 2x cleats, tow eye, engine hatch hardware
2x cleats, tow eye, engine hatch hardware
engine hatch & dry drain gutter
Upholstery 2 bucket seats and bench back seat
Hull lined w/ carpet or rhino liner
All Aluminum trailer
Gas fume detector
Auto fire extinguisher
Wake board pole
Wake board tower
Sunbrella full road cover
Warrantee – 5 years on Hull
1 year on components
3 years on KEM equipment engines

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