Jet Drive

Unlike conventional propeller driven boats the Jet Boat propulsion is above the water line enable a jet driven boat to be boat capable of traveling in just 4 inches of water and can safely do a spin with in their own length called the “Hamilton Spin” after the father of jet boating Sir William Hamilton of New Zealand.

The Hamilton 212 pump is the industry standard. The reliable and powerful pump is perfect for a commercial operation providing superior maneuverability and stopping power. The CWf Hamilton company is the first and foremost jet drive company making jet units that range in size from the small units we use to large ferries.

The Hamilton 213 has the same shaft as a 241 — “beefed up” for use with higher torque diesel engine – exact same housing as the 212.  The 213 also has a hydraulic reverse and extra corrosion protection.



great performance & economy – uses RED Bull for coolant

motor engine_jetboat

The Engine

Our current models are powered with an Indmar LS3 Corvette  engine producing 410horsepower  coupled to the reliable Hamilton 212 Jet unit using the turbo 2.9 impeller.

GM is leading the way in replacing the big block with lighter weight aluminum block 6.2 liter LS series engines.  Also a good choice is the LQ9 Vortec engine.  This light weight engine boast aluminum heads and oil pan while retaining a cast iron block delivers an impressive 400 ft-lbs of torque and over 400 hp.

We also can pair it with Hamilton 212 or 213 lowering the cost of the investment in a jet in or 30′ boats.

We are also using a Yanmar 8LV 320 hp  in our 30′ diesel – 50 mph at 3800 rpm – with a light load.  plenty of get up and go with a heavy load.  It matches to the Hamilton 241 with out a gear and is continuously rated at 3600 RPM with a maximum of 3800 rpm.