Building Process



Our boats are custom-made all-welded Aluminum construction.  We use certified metal from the United States that  is marine grade 5083 and 5086 h116.  Hall Marine Designs of Tauranga New Zealand provides us with the CAD designs and we have the pieces CNC cut.  We then weld the pieces together, using both MIG and TIG welding process.

Our boats are built to USCG specifications outlined under Title 46 subchapter T.  Plans and any changes must be submited to the USCG Marine Safety Center in Washington, DC for review, and then inspection by our local inspector.  Generally there are two inspections per boat.  First a “weld inspection,” whereby the inspector views all the welds.  Then we go to “paint,” where we use ferring compound, primer and paint the interior a neutral grey. We then use 3M Control Tac sticker system on the outside.  We will work closely with you to do a design of your choice.

After the boat has completed “sea trials” we invite the USCG back for a final inspection in which a COI (Certificate of Inspection) is issued for North Carolina.  When you take delivery of your boat you will have your boat re-inspected  – a “New To Zone” inspection.  They will scrutinize your “route selection,” training (which is provided at our location at no additional cost) and operations manual (we have the template).  The Coast Guard issues a COI and Stability Letter for the vessel.

The Stability letter dictates how many people can ride on the boat.  They do a “simplified stability test,” in which simulated passenger weight of 185 lbs per passenger is shifted around to see what happens.  The USCG is going to up the average passenger weight from 165 lbs to 185 lbs very soon.  We have done a test to the 185 lb standard and we have a Stability letter for 11 passengers and 1 master on our 20′ and 22′ boats.  The 25′ and 30′ boats have a limited coast wise rating for 25 total passengers.

If you are to operate in more than one locale you will need to get an endorsement for the “new route.”

All welded aluminum hulls with a little care will last a lifetime … and then some





Coast Guard doing there thing — making sure that the boats provide a FUN and SAFE ride!

room for 11 passengers and a Master

Powered by 46 gallon LPG and an LS3 Indmar engine — provides 25% fuel savings

12 passenger boat — top speed just over 50 mph

step for side loading from a shuttle boat

ample room for 24 passengers and a captain


twin Hamilton 241 with Turbo impellers combined with a Yanmar 8lv 320 hp provides power to spare


two boats at broadway at the beach in myrtle beach

second boat for Aamby Valley Pune India


worlds fanciest hotel