Our Boats

We offer 12 and 25 passenger tour boats in varying length and dead rise.






Rockin’ and Rollin’ at Broadway At the Beach Myrtle Beach, SC

our 20′ 12 passenger boat fits conveniently in a 40′ container – making shipping cheap and easy




Cape May New Jersey doing a Hamilton Spin





The flatter the bottom of the boat or the less of degree of dead rise, the easier the boat spins.  Higher degree boats handle waves better.  The deeper the V and the larger the boat the more seaworthy it is.

All our tour boats meet USCG 2011 standards for aluminum passenger vessels and are built to the specifications as laid out by ABS Naval High Speed Craft to 65′ Code.  Our boats are the strongest in the industry built to withstand the rigors of commercial use – day after day, season after season.


Our 8-degree 12-passenger boat will spin a full 360. The other boats we offer are 10-degree, 12-degree and 15-degree.  They all spin a very nice 270 degrees.

sliding along


Our 12-passenger boats are built with 8-degree, 12-degree and 15 degree dead rise.  In most cases we highly recommend the 12-degree as it will handle waves and chop of up to 1.5’ comfortably.  It is possible to go out in larger seas but it should not be the norm.  With the 8-degree boat it needs to be FLAT water.

New for 2016 is our 22′ 12 passenger boat — we have stretched our 12 degree boat and increased the dead rise to 15 degrees to accommodate bigger seas and have room for the Yanmar 8lv / HJ 213 jet by  CWF Hamilton.



We use an Gas LS 3 GM base Corvette Motor that delivers 415 hp in an extremely lightweight package.  For the 2016 models we are using the Yanmar 8lv 320 hp in combination with a Hamilton 241 jet  on the 30′ boats and the HJ 213 with the Yanmar 350 in the new 15 degree 12 passenger 22′ boat.

We pay special attention to power / weight ratio to provide an excellent package with power to spare – quiet, efficient and reliable.

A twin engine 30′ doing a Hamilton Spin


We have 2 models of 25-passenger boats (a 25-foot and a 30-foot).

Operating at Tin City Naples Fl

30′ diesel that operates in Malta


The 25’ boat has a shorter nose, a smaller engine bay, and a 10-degree o  It spins very nicely.  Great for shallow operation and/or waves of less than 3′ – such as protected bays or rivers.


It needs to be powered with an Chevy   LS3 by Indmar.


There are two jet unit options we can use in the 25’ boats – the Hamilton 212 that has a mechanical reverse and needs to be taken out of the water every day; or the HJ 213, which has a hydraulic reverse and higher grade stainless drive shaft that can be left in the water.

Top speed of 44 knots loaded, operational at 30 knots.  Fuel consumption of 12 to 16 gallons an hour with gas and 8 to 10 with diesel.


ALL the boats should be taken out of the water at least once a week and thoroughly checked and cleaned. They also should be cleaned and checked on a daily basis, as the ride is wet.  Maintenance logs and training are provided with the purchase of a boat.


The 30’ diesel has a longer bow and a bigger engine bay.  It is very seaworthy and provides a very exciting ride, spinning 270 degrees and capable of operating in 3’ to 5’ seas.  It can be powered by a number of different diesel engines – we have used a Cummins QSD 315 hp and a Yanmar 6lystc 299 HP and our preference is to use the Yanmar 8LV 320 hp in combination with a Hamilton 241 jet boat with great results.


Myrtle Beach picks passengers up for a thrilling ride off the beach with the use of banana boats.


Top Speed of 40+ knots loaded, operational speed at 30 knots.  Fuel consumption of 12 gallons (50 liters) an hour.

All the electrical connections are marine grade tinned and stranded wire with heat shrunk connectors.  Our dash is waterproof and we meet ABYC electrical standards as well as CFR 46 subchapter T.

we can build any boat out of aluminum – here are our 2014 models – 14′, 20′ and 30′