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Bringing in 2016 with a boat going to the Colorado River just up stream of Grand junction — Colorado Jet Boat will be up and running May 1 ….

New for 2016 is our 15 degree 12 passenger boat that has room for a Yanmar Diesel and Hamilton 213 jet — performs very nicely and handles some pretty good seas with the extra added deadrise and length …still spins very nicely …


Just got back from Lake Tai south of Shanghai — teaching the lads how to drive — they have a great location on the 3 largest freshwater lake in China — out to a cool island and lots of visitors to the park.  the boat goes very well …our partner Palm Bay China has what it takes to keep these guys going … thanks to Johnson Lou and his crew!!!


30′ twin Yanmar 8lv with Hamilton 241 jets – 640 hp


sold to Lake Tai China — south of Shanghai outside the city of Wuxi

branching out and building a few fire pits…


Boat arrives in Shanghai today — headed over to do some driver training  – as long as they have beer all will be good..

25 passenger twin headed to just outside Shanghai


got love it…

Name: Dong Yon Kim (Journalist of Chosun News Press from South Korea)
How can we help? : Dear Sir or Madame of Smoky Mountain

My name is Dong Yon Kim and I am a journalist of Chosun News Press in South Korea.

I would like to ask some factual record of your company about 20years ago. Do you sell your jetboats to overseas? If so, do you sell your products to Asia: China, Japan, Korea? How do you do the maintenance of overseas cutomers of your products?
Do your boats can reach 125 MPH? What is the possible maximum speed of your jetboats?

Recently, North Korea(Communism nation) have announced that their dictator, Kim have raced with your company’s staff member(Mechanic) about 20 years ago(when Kim was 9 years old) and he won twice exceeding 125MPH. Therefore I want to check whether this is a fact or not.

When do you start to make your boats? besides your company, is there other speed boat maker known as ‘Mountain’?

I do know this crosschecking is somewhat ridiculous and it is obvious that North Korea is lying about it. However, I want to know from your members about your history and your product’ leakage to North Korea.
Kim, Dong Yon

Chosun News Press
Subject: Question based on what North Korea recently proclaimed about your Jetboat

Headed to Okinawa

new design 15 degree 22′ Yanmar with a Hamilton 213 jet — 12 passenger w/ 320 hp…






























Our Friends at the Economic Development Partnership has hooked us up to display our marketing material with the Appalachian Regional Commission symposium at the White House on February 25 — “Exporting from Rural America”  – That is definitely Smoky Mountain Jet Boats — the wilds of Western North Carolina to the world — the FBI looked for Eric Rudolph the Abortion bomber (yes he is from our zip code!) for years …but people have bought boats from us from Moab to Malta, Cape May, New Jersey to Turks Caicos…





We have taken an order and have completed the design work on a new model 12 seater — we’ve stretched it just a tad to accommodate the Yanmar 8lv and HJ213 Jet and increased the deadrise to handle waves.  It  fits into a 40′ container for easy and cheap shipping.

The boat is going to Okinawa to


Dry Engine bay and waterproof dash — ready for rugged commercial salt water use

powered by a Yanmar 8lv and Hamilton 213 jet with a Turbo Impeller



30′ is Ready for Paint .. Just choose your color …


All Marine Grade Aluminum 25 passenger Tour Boa




Newly designed dash




Started on another 30′ twin diesel … the hard part is getting it all strait and tacked together… now the fun part… 10 to 12 rolls of wire!


Bench Seating I believe is preferable — more flexibility, longer lasting, and easier to load.

The last two bench seats are removable enabling one to be able to remove/check the 100 gallon Petrol tank.


built like a ship — to ABS standards — good for 44 knots on 1.5 waves and 20 knots in 8′ waves (structure ….not people)



Smoky Mountain Jetboats- Model and Build Sample from Paul Butler on Vimeo.









Miami is having it’s grand opening this Friday – 





ample room for 24 passengers and a captain





Miami’s “Orange Twister” goes great — top speed of 52 mph at 3800 rpm and cruises nicely at 40 mph at 3200


Shox captains chair with Livorsi fly by wire foot throttle, twin displays for engine managment, fusion stereo, PA and water proof blue seas electrical panels

Went down to see the Patriot in Action — my first stop was to visit with Broadway at the Beach — they have a well oiled machine there — exciting, safe and PROFITABLE…

a five minute ride for $15…they run all night long


Some photos of Myrtle Beach- — they have their final USCG inspection this week


fully electronic dash package with splash cover


step for side loading from a shuttle boat



Las Vegas Jetboat Build from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

India is in the container and somewhere on the ocean…Aamby Valley is taking delivery of their second boat…


Took all the boats out the other day –2 x 30′, 1 x 20′ , 1 x 20′   total of 1400 hp and total speed of 210 mph!

Serious fun and no one got hurt!



Just returned from Visit with Darius and Glen at Aqua Marine in Dubai — they will do very well with their new 12 seat boat with a Mercruiser 502 engine — goes great and they have a SUPER location … I think everyone in Dubai needs a jet boat

12 passenger boat — top speed just over 50 mph

worlds fanciest hotel






We’ve had the repower out for the New Jersey 25 seater with Yanmar 8lv — 49 mph at 3800 rpm, cruise nicely at 32 mph at 3000 rpm — it is amazing how quiet they are…rated for continuous duty at 3600 rpm there is plenty of umph to provide a fun economical and profitable ride


Amby Valley’s second boat is ready to go — powered by an L3 3 motor — and Myrtle Beach’s 25 seater is in Paint — it is going to be called the Patriot — going to look Great!


Our next projects are coming along nicely — Miami Beach and Mexico….



Painting Red and Blue for the Patriot


mexico’s second LP boat is coming together nicely


painting antifouling on myrtle beach

starting mexico’s second boat

second boat for Aamby Valley

engine lids for myrtle beach and india

our aybc certified electrician doing his thing

Happy New Year!!!

Dubai is on it’s way — 51 mph — putting a big block in the boat reminded us of the old days — when gas was cheap … look forward to seeing it run in the desert — chilly 17 degrees when we tested her….

Currently working on India  — into paint — Aamby valley is keen on getting thier second boat…Myrtle beach is coming along nicely and we are putting a new set of Yanmar 8LV’s in the NJ boat






Dubai is looking good for a pre christmas departure…

Flipping to weld bottom…


Powered by a Hamilton 212 and a Mercruiser big block


Good to have  a full workshop –


Myrtle beach 30′ twin w/ Yanmars is going great…

Dubai and India’s 12 seaters are going fast — the teams are racing…

our buddy Paul Butler did a little video for us:



Maui Jetboat Build by Smoky Mountain Jetboat Builders from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

No loss of power with LPG













The LPG boat for Mexico goes great — no loss of power — in fact it might just go better — seems to be a little quicker off the mark….

Powered by an Corvette, LS3 engine with a PRINS LPG system and a Hamilton Jet 212




November 1 — Hawaii, finally inspected by the uscg and on it’s way to Maui — we are working on 30′ boat to Myrtle Beach with twin Yanmar 8LV – 350 hp and Hamilton 241′s

Mexico is out the door — probably the first LS3 LPG driven jet boat  — the feeling is that it actually runs BETTER on LPG — quicker out of the hole

We are waiting for the Metal for 12 seaters for a second boat to Aamby Valley in India and the first boat to go  to Dubai  — both being powered with Hamilton Jets and Indmar LS3′s

top speed of all the boats seem to be 45mph for both the 30′ and the 20′ … can’t complain…

myrtle beach is on the floor — assembly next week

using paint instead of a wrap –

the team — maui wrapped and ready to go…

twin hamilton jet – 241 with turbo impeller — yanmar 6lp 600 total hp and 40+ knots

Coast Guard doing there thing — making sure that the boats provide a FUN and SAFE ride!


few photos:


The Hawaii boat is painted…assembly and testing next week … come on down for a test run…

The big news is that we have gotten a contract for a amusement jet boat park in Cancun — going to power a 12 seater LS motor with LPG…

check it out




More later!!!





USCG has done a weld inspection – the guys have done a perfect job as always — next time we see USCG will be for the final inspection

25 passenger jet going to hawaii with hamilton 241 jets and yanmar engines




Finally our friends at Sunshine Metals have gotten our material for our 30′ boat going to Maui — a perfect job once again!  thanks

here are some photos of our progress


start with CAD cut pieces


We have a little rec boat in stock w/ a chevy 350 and a berkley jet — top speed of 60 …TURNS GREAT



Moab  is running — looking really cool — we need to go visit…



Photo Gallery





June 1 — Cape May has their COI and is operating full loads (as of June 1 the water is officially warm on the Jersey shore!)


We just got a contract for Maui — delivery in September for a 30′ twin 25 passenger 15 degree deadrise with Hamilton 241′s  — add to their existing fleet…


Operating their 30′ boat out of Cape May NJ













USCG Sector NC doing a simplified stability test

On the trailer...engines tomorrow


22′ flats boat — going to Tampa — sweet little yanmar w/ a hamilton 213 jet unit

any one for a an all aluminum hot rod?

Great Spinning Machine — All AluminumRoomy Engine Bay with electric hatch liftLivorsi guages & fly by wire throttleroom for 11 passengers and a Master


Ready for USCG inspection — off to Moab Ut — 12 seater w/ an LS3 Indmar engine










The engineering is done on NJ — we build to ABS standards for Naval High Speed Craft to 65′ — remove the cup holders and put gun ports…. but here is the speed for the structure:



Wave (ft) Speed (kts) Speed (mph)
8.5 20.6 23.6
7.0 21.8 25.1
5.0 25.3 29.1
3.0 31.2 35.9
1.5 40.0 46.0

sides are on









engine bay is almost complete


lots of welding in small places — over 6 spools of wire

Into our second week on New Jersey — and we have three welders going at it … we’ve tacked the hull together put the sides on and now we are into the big weld — pouring 5 rolls of wire into the bottom…

30′ twin engine to the Jersey Shore.

interior structure of our twin engine 30′ boat

Starting on a 30′ diesel for the Jersey Shore – powered by twin steyr and Hamilton 241 water jets…it’s going to FLY

Starts out flat….


start from the bottom up


transom, bottom and delta stitched together for a perfect fit. the the bottom is right …then it bodes well for the rest

Here is the last video done by miller … the metal for our 30′ boat is FINALLY arriving … work a few weekends and a few long days and we will be back on schedule…building pictures next week…

another video of the rides

Finally Miller welding has come out with the video featuring US!!!

working on a walk through bow for Moab — the guys did a great job of building something simple and STRONG…

bow loading door on the MOAT jet


walk through dash

Just got a contract for another 30′ boat — going to use the Steyr’s in combination w/ a Hamilton 241 — going to a GREAT Machine — should be cutting metal by the end of the week.
Check this youtube video of a jet putting out a fire…
Here is a video of Naples doing a Steyr Install and first test:
Working on Moab — putting the jet in, engine..electrics.. and we have another 12 seater on the floor …the cad cut came out as near to perfect as we can ask!
Finished upgrading the cooling system and off for a test run — neat and tidy engine bay….
steyr 300 hp engines

these light (750 lb) engines will provide 300 hp — easy access to maintenance

Steyr came out for there initial check on the engines  — few minor adjustments and we are a way laughing — solid 50 mph at 4000 rpm with the new 3.4 turbo impellers  — just put your foot to the floor and at 2000 to 25oo rpm when the turbos spool up off you go …very impressive performance… and QUIET… as we put a few more hours on it we will get a better handle on the fuel consumption but we have very high expectations…
videos on the way…
Took the Odin – from Naples- out for its first test run yesterday — WICKED PERFORMANCE — a solid 50 mph at 44,000 rpms — the thrust of power when the turbo boost kicks in is AMAZING — we are going to swap out impellers and see how she goes w/ a more courser impeller.
the motors are very quiet as well …
 Doing a repower with pair of steyr diesels – 300 hp 500 foot pound of torque and spins at 4300 rpms – perfect match for the Hamilton 213 – with a bit of luck we will be on the water on Monday

the compact engine only weighs 750 lbs

more photos

great performance & economy – uses RED Bull for coolant


Delivery of a Jet for Moab by the end of the year

Captain Janet and Captain Paul on their way to Madison

On its way to Madison Indiana

December is here!   Good thing it’s 60 degrees …makes for boat testing a pleasure — Indiana has taken delivery of their 12 seater with  a LS 3 Corvette motor by Indmar — really nice package.  The USCG gave it, as always, a very good look.  We are now using livorsi gauges –
Moab has signed up for a 12 passenger boat to be delivered by the end of the year….

doing another stability test — 2200 lbs worth of rocks…

November 23— big week next week — Indiana will be tested and delivered — with our new Indmar LS3 — they have done a lovely job of outfitting this Corvette engine for marine use.
We have the Naples boat here and we are doing a repower with a pair of diesels from Steyr — 300 hp inline 6 — the fuel savings alone should pay for them in just a couple of thousand hours…

this will propel this 20′ boat a solid 50mph while burning only 10 gallons an hour


simple berkley jet and a chevy 350 — solid 50 mph and great handling…

november 7 — cold and rainy but will be nice by the weekend …good thing …because our second rec boat is going in the water for testing….can’t wait…

getting ready to test with an old berkley jet and a chevy 350…should go great


a 350 cubic inch engine will really make it fly


oldie but a goodie …rebuilt berkley jet pump

October 31 — Indiana — waiting on our LS 3 engine from Indmar…. Jet from Hamilton …then we will be away…
the boat is looking great — Awl Grip Federal Yellow…

rub rail on — waiting for electrics, engine and jet …should be in the water soon…

Miller welding is doing a profile — did interviews, boat ride and gave us cool flame proof jackets and welding helmets… a month for the final product…
the Rec Boat is coming along — wonderful blue

here is our second rec jet — 4 seater with a chevy 350 and a Berkley pump…

Indiana’s boat is into paint — Yellow
 Friday — Miller welding is sending us free gear and coming to do a promo piece on their equipment, our welding and boats October 10th … very flattering!  We will keep you posted!!!
Lt Martin from Sector NC did his weld inspection on Wednesday — he was very impressed with the way this cut file has gone together –
Indiana should be in paint in a week!
Wed — a week away from the USCG — going together quickly!

12 seater all welded construction — going together well — skill and craftsmanship keeps the boats strait and pretty

weld grind weld grind!
The two twelve seaters we are working on — one for Madison Indiana – the WILDTHING  are going together like a charm
Here is Friday Morning:

The framework and bottom are welded…moving on up

a few days earlier… on Monday Morning….

starting out on monday morning

starting out with our new press brake — two boats bent up and ready to weld on tuesday

Bending away  –


Our 12′ 150 ton press is working …Monday we are bending and putting some new boats together…watch us go…
AAron in Malta send a video — he says he is getting 300 degree spins …handling 7′ waves and spinning in big seas…
Watch a video of the 25 passenger 30′ – 15 degree
Harry at Cruise Naples Florida is on Fox News with a great piece on their 25 passenger jet boat
Metal arrives for 2 twelve seaters — one going on the Ohio river next year in Madison ID…watch for our new press brake (50 years old) in action bending the metal!
Nice to get a plug at the end of the season From the Asheville Citizen Times on our jet boat rides:
Read:  Jet Set through Bryson City
Been working with Hugo Stamp Motor Services – we have found a high speed, light compact diesel that will work very well in all our boat models — cutting running costs — fuel consumption should be at least 30% less and the time between rebuilds should go from 1500 hours with the gas to more than 4000 hours before a rebuild…
Give me a call to discuss …
The team  is working hard on getting the rec boat together — just bought a used berkley jet and he’s salvaged a chevy 350 — says we will get 60 mph…
Our new (ancient) press brake  is ready to go — we purchased the dies off ebay and they should be here by the end of the week….
Metal for 2 twelve seaters should arrive at the end of the week…
Went on Vacation on the Main Salmon river — and the guys were busy as beavers building a judges stand for the world championships in whitewater freestyle in 2013…

Aluminum Judges stand for the World Freestyle Championships

Rides are going well on lake fontana:  here is what the guests say:

from guests on lake fontana

Portugal is on the container ship –
Portugal’s 8 degree is out for testing — goes great, spins like a top…the 3.0 impeller is the way to go…finish off the seats and drive, drive drive…ship on Tuesday…
More photos tomorrow

the portugal boat is ready — now just for testing

Got a note from Malta Xtreme Jet and the captain that is driving the boat — pretty rough over there — he is doing trips in 3′ to 5′ seas — says the “boat is really solid” and can do spins in the big waves… making him quite a good captain…
Portugal ships out in a week — test driving a the newly redesigned 8 degree — it will be AWESOME!
Memphis is Gone — wicked machine — Hamilton has a new 3.0 impeller for the LS3 — What an AWESOME job — drove 12 people and it was like there was no one in the boat!  Graphics my Maria –

12 seater off to Memph TN


Off to Graceland

Loaded on Trailer

fun to ride … try driving!

12 individual seats 

lots of power

Memphis has it’s COI and Malta is finally in the water our buddy Aaron wrote on facebook:
“Malta jet went round the island today.. 15 degree hull handles ocean swell just fine.. 270 degree spins in the flat water..even found some house sized boulders to slide between. Well done Boyz!!! I’ll get some video and pics soon.”
The USCG is coming to “hang paper” on “the captain” our latest 12 passenger boat — could be the best wrap job ever!  One sharp looking machine…

12 passenger 425 hp spining machine

Memphis River Boats will be taking delivery of their new 12 passenger jet boat by the 4th of July — the 410 hp sliding machine will provide a fun safe ride while producing some good revenue…
Rock on!
We have hit the big time — New(to us) 150 Ton press brake — I’m told it will snort and spit but do what we need — that last big piece of equipment that we need!  Our new shop is complete…

New 150 ton press brake

Memphis River Boats will be adding a new 12 passenger jet boat to their fleet for the fourth of July …
Our new 14′ press brake arrives in the Morning — 36,000 lbs of massive tooling …should be GREAT
Been a good week — working on Contracts to Memphis and Madison Ohio — 12 passenger boats … another to South America … all are great folks…
Galveston has just made a KILLER VIDEO check it out!
Memorial Weekend is upon us!  Jet Boat rides…bring it on!
We have spent the past week moving shop — what a mess!  Never move — unless into a MUCH bigger place — we now have 10,000 glorious feet to spread ourselves out… I would post a picture but it looks too much like a crack house right now…by the end of the week…it will be almost tidy!
Janet and Paul came on Monday and purchased a boat for delivery next spring — good to get them in early — the early bird gets the fattest and best worm!  they will be operating in Madison IN on the Ohio river…If Paul can manage the airfield at McMurdo Sound and Janet can drive trucks in Antartica Jet boats on the Ohio won’t be a problem!
Malta is in Savanna — loading onto the ship…  WE are moving into our new location…never move!!!

Loaded and ready for shipping

Malta  is done….it has no faults– after 8 hours we are burning 12 gallons an hour and it boasts a top speed of 48 mph – more importantly we are at 65% load at 3000 rpm with a decent load — it really gets up out of the water and amazingly enough it spins great — even goes farther than 180 …the individual seats are comfy… the cable steering gives us a 1/2 a turn lock to lock…
It is off to Savanna to load onto the container ship to Malta on Monday…

here is the team that put it together

Away we go

Galveston going home….seats installed…
Captain Morgan Cruises of Malta blue beast is coming together nicely — paint is done, jets are in and motors tomorrow…


Suntime Watersports of Galveston Texas has gotten their orange machine — The new 12 degree design is Great — spins nicely – the trim is perfect and the engine bay is dry as can be… top speed of 48 mph …

Taking Delivery of this cool machine


I’m delivering Broadway at the Beach – BeachRider Jet boats their second 8 degree boat to operate for the 2012 season  — they are doing a GREAT JOB –
Bit slow there but THEY are coming!  check out the video of the boat in action
The latest from the Turks Caicos — boat seems to be doing well:
“Just to let you know that we went round the island yesterday – 2 Hrs 15 mins. The seas were big (6-7 ft) at NorthWest point and we had to idle for about 20 mins.
Great trip though.”
As I get time I will post more photos of the day — work at the shop is going great — Myrtle beach is being outfitted, Gatlinburg Delivered, Galviston Weld inspection next week…Malta Looks AWESOME…
On our way back from The Turks Caicos — Boat goes great — 40+ knots, 20+ knots in 4′ seas, not totally sure but it is looking like less than 12 gallons an hour in fuel consumption ..spins great… and did I say — handles waves really well …AND IT HAULS BUT
leaving turks caicos

Bye Bye Carribean…


full load — are we going to get wet?

Did I say that the engine bay is really dry???
Feb 16 — Malta and Galveston are well on the way … Turks Caicos is on the ship… Still can’t get over the performance from a twin diesel — 50+ mph…
The Team is killin’ it — in just 10 short days they have the sides on the Malta Boat…the New redesign of the 12 seater is AMAZING!

tacked up and ready for the sides

ready to ship!

Feb 8 — Unbelievable — no posts — lots going down — Sitting in the Naples airport waiting for my flight — the USCG did the final inspection for Naples Jet Boat and they will be operational tomorrow –

Naples takes delivery of thier 24 passenger twin engine boat

The Jet Boat Naples team waiting on the USCG

January 7 – Yanmar came for a visit yesterday — the engines tested perfectly — 50 mph achieved at 3900 rpm unloaded.  We loaded the boat up and away we went with 23 people — it really boogies — handles waves GREAT and spins EVEN BETTER.  it is all we expected AND MORE!
January 2 — the Turks Caicos boat is in the water — awesome machine — does what it is expected to do — and we expect a LOT!  Gets up and boogies, spins and is very maneuverable.
Watch a Quick and Dirty Video here

598 hp diesel


24 passenger twin engine diesel

December 12 – Turks Caicos is off to Paint — 30′ diesel – twin engine yanmar…what a BEAST

the team

34 knots w/ 24 people

Naples is flying along — USCG is coming to inspect —

Going to Naples FL

November 30
Weld Weld Weld — Turks looks close to being ready for paint — we are using a new system — POR 15 — it is 1/2 as good as they say it will be the best stuff EVER!
We’ve mocked the jets in 

Jets are in


turks caicos on it side

Naples is going together rather quickly …I think we are up to three rolls of wire!

Welding away

November 17
How time flies when you are having fun — lots going on … the last of Turks – Caicos hot work and grinding is being done…soon off to paint.
Cruise Naples Florida is on the floor and going together well — Maxwell-Hall has done an excellent job of giving us a well thought out design
November 4th — back from India — what a great experience … the country has changed  a lot in the last 20 years… good roads, lots of new cars and it’s still crowded…
some photos:
testing the boat out
Monday October 24 — the welding mission end is almost in sight…
I’m off to India…actually it’s Wednesday here…Dewali …festival of lights…going to train these dudes on how to use a 410 hp chevy engine!
Weld weld weld!
things are going great — more photos…
Monday — Metal  is on the way for the next 24 seater  – 10 degree beast with twin LS3 410 hp…
Now it is time to weld, weld weld,
Jet units due in from Australia in two weeks and the massive Yanmar engines are sitting on the shop floor.
September 16 — sides are on
September 13
Sides go on Turks Caicos and buying metal for Naples tomorrow…the 24 seaters are going together GREAT!
September — India is gone –it has cleared customs …just waiting for our ship!
we also made the news — hot off the press from the Asheville Citizen Times

Jet boat firm builds new tour boats

BRYSON CITY – After six years of building New Zealand-style jet boats and trying to establish a market, Smoky Mountain Jet Boats has hit its stride with sales of tour boats in 2011 to Pensacola, Fla., Gatlinburg, Tenn., Myrtle Beach, S.C., India, Turks & Caicos and Naples, Fla.

The company has been making a 12-passenger boat since 2006 and this year expanded it offerings to include a four-person recreational model that boasts a 410 HP LS 3 Corvette Engine and two models of 24-passenger tour boats.

Visit or call Nick Williams at 421-5796 for more information.

Aamby Valley goes into the Container on Tuesday … the wrap is printed on going on over the weekend…
Turks 15 degree 30′ 598 hp diesel is underway…. the cutting has come out beautifully…
bendingstart of the Turks
GATLINBURG IS OPERATING — CHECK IT OUT….YOUTUBE….here is a ride on the French Broad
INDIA should be in the water by the end of the week!
Here is the wrap for india…printing as I type:
Aamby valley wrap
Starting construction on Turks Cacaos 30′ 24 passenger 598 hp twin engine Diesel next week — as soon as the metal arrives.  This 15 degree deadrise beast will really get up an boogie.  We are using a pair of Yanmar 299 hp engines in combination with a pair of Doen 100G’s.  The boat will have a bow loading ladder for beach landings.
Cruise Naples has put a deposit down on a 23 +1 25′ tour boat that will be a really light and exciting machine.  Powered by a pair of LS3 corvette engines in combination with a pair of Hamilton 213 jets this 10 degree boat will be an excellent ride.
24 passenger Diesel
Turks Cacaos
Been almost 6 weeks without an update — busy as a one armed Paperhanger!
The G-Force Jet Boat is in operation in Pensacola — the USCG in Mobile Alabama has taken the regulations to a whole new level — but through dogged pesistance  and an Accerometer study we have  proven that the Hamilton Spin produces less than 2G’s.
We have sold a boat to Aamby Valley in Pune India — wicked location in a really nice resort – we will be doing training in Mid August.
Gatlinburg will take delivery of their first boat in a week or so – they are going to run it as a 6 pack boat for the rest of the season.  They have a great ride and the 8 degree boat that spins a full 360 will make for a wicked ride!
Our first 24 passenger boat  — a diesel with a twin engine with a pair of doen 100g’s – is under way.  Should be doing sea trials in October…. we have a pending second order for a gas version that should go firm by August 1
Photos soon
The guys from Broadway at the beach are coming up for training on Friday — our first 8 degree boat …out for testing…
keep you posted for updates!
rec jet
traveling up wesser
Lots going on!
Myrtle Beach is out of Paint…the JetSpeed 450 is on the water and really fast.  Like really fast…
check out the first run
Bahamas and India are buying boats…Turks and Cacaos is getting a 24 passenger twin diesel powered by a Doen 100G and Yanmar 6lyp…
JetSpeed 450 is done
the LS3 Kodiak Marine moves the jet speed FAST
Check out the Video
Myrtle Beach
4.12 – #14  — our first 8 degree boat is ready for paint…
4.8 – Where does Time go… SMJB #14 is ready for paint (almost)…looking sweet… Build a quick wing and away we go… Most importantly the RecJet 450 is painted… looks WICKED!

Out of Paint!

First bot is off the jig…installing #12 engine..almost done…JetSpeed #1 is almost ready for its final coat.
things are flying along at the shop — metal for 4 boats is arriving tomorrow…#12 parts are here …just a matter of putting them together…#1 is totally rebuilt… amazing…check it out…
The RecJet 450 is going to paint…hoping for a lovely red –
#13 with a wing
Our stock tour boat now has a lovely wing
JetSpeed 450 ready for paint
February 26 — what a couple of weeks — work shop is full – the first RecJet450 is into paint, #12 is being outfitted for Pensacola, Our boat for Lake Fontana is finished being rebuilt – new electrics, rebuilt jet and overhaul of the engine…
Couple of weeks ago we had David Reemes come do a weld inspection course for us… we are now all certified.  Knarly old dude with one lung…asked him if it was welding that was the reason for bad lungs…he said no — if it felt good he said he did it at least twice!
February 15 — Radical Rides is back from Paint with a very red boat and Billys JetSpeed450 will soon be in the water.  WE just have to figure out how to get the engine to fit into the boat.  410 hp in a 14′ boat will be exciting to say the least.
I went to the PVA conference and to my brothers 3 wedding (as my buddy Tom said “if you don’t make it on your third try you know your a dick….).  Both were very exciting
A very red Radical rides boat

Out of Paint

Feburary 1 — Gatlinburg just signed up for two boats…so our production is pretty full until May or so… We do have one more 12 passenger that could be delivered by May…unless the Guys in India come through…  Very close on a sale of a big boat to the Carribbean ….
Excellent article in the Sunday NY Times :
Big Motor - Small Boat

LS 3

    • Extreme New Zealand, a Thrill-Seeker’s Playground

      Blessed with an extraordinary array of cliffs, lakes, rivers and rolling hills, New Zealand is the proving ground for some of the world’s January 30, 2011 – By ETHAN TODRAS-WHITEHILL – Travel
January 13 — MYRTLE BEACH IS IN!  finally they have gotten their contract from Broadway ( — going to be REALLY cool — spinning in the pond with resturants, shops and bars…. 72,000 people a day wandering through… we area working hard to get things done for an April Delivery.
Work has been really slow  — too cold to spray paint on Pensacola …I don’t think that the snow will ever melt…Pictures tomorrow…

January 5 — rockin’ along this week — the Shred Ready Car is out of the shop and up to Adam’s  — freeing up the booth for Radical Rides of Pensacola




Here is Gatlinburg’s Zipline starting point…they are going to land across the river …look closely and you can see the cars…quite a flight!

Gatlinburg's zip line site

January 3 – back in saddle with too much to do — sent the JetSpeed 450 off to the scales and it comes in (just the hull) at a whopping 520 lbs.  being light means being FAST!.  The auction on Ebay ends tonight and alas the SALE is over!  Price are HIGHER!

JetSpeed 450

Billy’s boat is looking good with its new engine hatch.  He is working hard to buy his engine.


Radical Rides of Pensacola is getting a custom seating module with an individual drivers seat.

Radical Rides

Gatlinburg has expanded their plan to a three boat operation, sky bridge over the French Broad and an AWESOME zip line that looks like it is about 5 miles long….Coming on Tuesday to pick colors….

December 21 — Adam is working hard to get the engine hatch built on the first REC JET — looking great — definately have a Dance Party on it…



Got the paperwork done on Pensacola — looking good…Radical Rides is going to have a bright RED 12 passenger boat for their spring season!  great Christmas present!

December 15 — Hard to get the rec boat and tour boats into paint when it is getting down to 6 degrees….spent last week doing a test run again in Gatlinburg — even in the freezing cold (it was well below freezing) the ride was AWESOME.  just a few seconds from the docking point it feels like you are really out in the wilderness.  Working on some design changes that will make the boat fit to their needs perfectly.  Watch out Shotover –this will be one of the largest operations in the world in just a few short years – 12 million visitors a year and they are BORED to death!

The 7m “Big Boat” plans have been reviewed by an independent certified engineer and re submitted to the Marine Safety Center — should be around a month for them to mark it as “approved”  it has been a long an arduous journey…killer design … give me a call and we can review over the plans via a go to meeting — give me a ring to schedule an appointment

big boat

AS of December 1 prices have gone up and are reflected on the “rec boat page” — if you chat with me soon on the second hull we will honor the old prices…. it looks as if everything is going up 10% or so as the marine industry recovers from the bottom….

More Rec boat photos


Radical Rides of Pensacola Florida are next in line for a boat — using an LS3 with a HJ 212 jet unit…Looking forward to delivering their boat in March of 2010….

Here are some concepts of wrap jobs that we have recently done:

orangeSmoky Mt Jet Purple and GreenBlue_Splash_wrapGreen_wrap

Lots of views of our recboats on EBAY — our first client is getting the biggest, baddest engine possible …decided to use flo tec out of asheville to build him an LS 3 that will produce some serious HP….More later…

The joys of dealing with the USCG has pushed us in the direction of building a “6pac” boat where the operator won’t have to deal with the regulations of having a T-Boat — we are in the drawing phases with Eric of JetSpeed on a 151/2′ boat that will do an awesome spin and carry 4 folks in the back seat and two plus a driver in the front — all for the $70k range… give us a call and be the first!

Our second rec boat is up for sale!

Our Website lists the price for a hull as 8750 … well …that just can’t last… it seems that prices of aluminum are going up …so I guess that we will, after the month of November go up in price about $1250 dollars…

Gatlinburg has signed a contract for one boat and option on two more…. the best location EVER!!!

MONDAY — really trucking along as tomorrow is Eric’s last day… #2 is well under way and #1 has the Scott Jet unit installed…the hulls have turned out REALLY strait…


JetSpeed #2

BEEN at it for a week now …not bad since they started welding on Sunday….

In chatting with Eric on the capabilities — 78 mph — will pull 1.5 G’s on acceleration and probably 5 on turning…

The hull along should weigh around 500 lbs…all up with engine around 1500 lbs…the wife will want you to buy one as you can run over the kids… no propellers…just a jet!


capable of 78 mph…1.5 g’s on acceleration and 5 g’s while turning


cup holders coming

we are now building a couple of REC Jets — Eric is here from New Zealand and we are away building 2 boats in 10 days — it is only Tuesday and they have a big jump on it…they might actually get it done…



Portugal has two locations and needs two boats delivered as soon as possible….hoping for the call today!

Pensacola came to visit…liked the boat and bought two Yamaha Jet Motors…

Waiting on Hotsprings for later in the week!

just got back from the best location in the Southeast — lovely river just outside Gatlinburg — they have the marketing and logistics in place — we are working on a deal for three boats…no question that 3 is the minimum they need….so over half our production for the next 6 months is almost TAKEN!  Finally it seems that, with the amount of interest we are getting form sophisticated buyers, that we are selling a bunch of tour boats…..

Eric from New Zealand is arriving next week to assemble our first two Rec boats — Billy – our first rec boat customer is using a Scott jet pump with a LS3 engine …should do about 78 mph… pictures next week.

Our “big boat” plans — we have the PE has reviewed the plans — so the USCG should approve the boat very shortly… the first and get a BIG discount!

Fall is here

October — Yes — I screwed up HUGE! — You might have noticed that the website was down — like totally crashed…. yes…I pushed too many buttons…

Thankfully my Lovely wife Maria was able to fix things for me…we are now back up and running…

Eric from New Zealand is over in a couple of weeks to start our first two “rec” boats …Metal is ordered as is the jet unit…

We will be posting the progress on these two awesome machines….

September –

The metal is ordered …Eric is coming from NZ and we are getting ready to order  Scott Jet pump for our first recreational builds — the little beast will boast a top speed of over 70mph… we have one hull that is not spoken for…be the first kid on the block…

We will keep you posted…

The river is out so we now have about 1mile of whitewater to run…pretty exciting to see how skinny of water a tour boat can go in…

The “season” is over for Jet Boats — Now it seems that we have lots of people wanting to buy jet boats…we are starting our first couple of rec boats in less than a month…Just got back from a tour of Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach — we have a client that wants to put a boat in the pond there — it is sorta a shopping mall (the guy who sells fish food grosses $250k a year) with a lake in the middle — shoppertainment is probably where it is at… the management loved it…nice, quiet and thrilling…

Lots of interest from Florida — especially in our big boat …which is up in DC being reviewed by the Coasties…

check out the photos…




August 23

Wow — the trouble with the working in the tourist industry is that a month can fly by and I can’t remember anything other than telling the same silly jokes 5 to 10 times a day.

We have had a great season – up 20% to 25% from ’09 (even up from ’08).  Thanks to Claudine and John I was able to go out west and do a Main Salmon Raft trip during a really busy week — great to have great staff….Speaking of great staff — Adam and Justin in the shop have done a great job keeping SMJB 1 working through the season — we only had 1/2 day all year where we lost business due to breakdowns — a broken reverse cable — quickly fixed and if I had listened to Adam we would have replaced over the winter…

The Big Boat Plans are in being reveiwed by the USCG in Washington by the MSC — unfortunatly Jarrod the designer has too sophisicated computer software for the USCG — he has to send in calculations in pencil!

Wally in Big Bear is sending in Great Reports — as well as Amadeu in Portugal (after a big battle he is running great guns in Oporto).

We start Billy’s REC BOAT in October….


July 2010

End of July is in sight — been very busy –

We had a visitor from the Caribbean who is going to be the first buyer of our big boat and after a good discussion with Jarrod Hall of Maxwell-Hall and Frank at Doen we have decided that the best match for his area is a Pair of Doen 100G in combination with a pair of  Yanmar 6LPA-STP2.  These state of the art diesels produce a whopping 300 + horsepower with a weight of chevy Big Block….

Can’t believe that July is half way through !!! The Jet Boat rides are going very well — lots of good reviews (see below)….so far we are up 30

30% from last year and the first half of July is looking great — we just need the weather to continue to be nice….

We have sold one Rec Boat Hull and the buyer is off working hard to get money for us to install a Scott Jet unit…we have it scheduled for production in early September when Eric from Jet Speed is coming over to give us a hand…. if someone ponies up before he gets here we will do a free install…Give me a ring

Here is our latest review:

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats–WOW!

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats

Save Review
5 of 5 stars
58277LoveToTravel   1 contribution
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Jul 16, 2010 New

My wife and I are (ahem) over 65 and weren’t quite sure if this was our kind of thing to do, but after a slow historical train ride, well, a little excitement would be welcome indeed. A quick 13 minute drive from Bryson City landed us at their front door. Got the life preserver, then onto the shuttle with several families (ages pre-teen to 60ish), and a few minutes later put out from the dock.

After a few bursts of speed and a few fancy spins, my wife and I agreed this was a GREAT idea. The pilot was fantastic. Knew exactly how to handle the boat for maximum thrills and maximum safety. In-between the speed bursts and spins, there was a fascinating historical description of the waterways, and unique features that was much appreciated.

Sit in the front if you want a minimum of spray; back of the boat for top thrills. We sat in the middle for a bit of each. We’re coming back next year for another ride, this time in the back.

wrapping #1 side viewwrap#1_#1wrapclose2

June 2010

Jet boat rides are in full swing — drive, drive drive…

End of June and we are doing 30% more than last year…changing the oil every 10 days….

We are now working on the cut files for our 24 passenger boat — it really looks amazing — a beast of a machine that is very durable but will really get up and boogie…

worked up a price list for our REC boats — if you are the second buyer … you get free “install” of your components:  Give me a ring to discuss


































































Smoky Mountain 450 Jet Speed Aluminum Boat – 14′ 7″ Basic Delux
Hull 5083, 5052,5085 marine grade aluminum 4mm,5mm and 10mm $8,750.00 $8,750.00 $8,750.00
paint marine grade paint & control tac graphics $3,150.00 $3,150.00 $3,150.00
components full instrument panel (tac w/ hour meter, volt, fuel, oil, temp),12v receptacles, 2x 1100 rule bilge pump, high water alarm, hull lined with carpet, high water alarm, 2x fire extinguisher, bench back seats, bucket race seats, full road cover, horn, lights, vhf radio, 20 gallon gas tank $7,478.00 $7,478.00 $7,478.00
Jet Unit Hamilton Jet hj 212 w/ close couple $7,250.00 $7,250.00
Scott jet $9,650.00 $9,650.00
American Turbine $6,300.00
KEM Vortec 6000 375 hp $11,200.00 $11,200.00
KEM Vortec 6000 Super Charged 504 hp $13,500.00
KEM V6 LSA Super Charged $17,375.00 $17,375.00
Mast Motor Sports LY6 Iron block 400 hp $14,200.00
Mast Motor Sports LY6 Iron block 500 hp $15,200.00
LS3 Aluminum block 450 hp $15,200.00
LS3 Aluminum block 500 hp $16,200.00
LS3 416 550 hp $22,000.00
LS3 416 550 hp – all the bling $25,300.00
Auto Fireboy Clean agent fire extinguisher $425.00 $425.00
Stereo w/ I pod doc $750.00 $750.00
Ski pole $175.00
Ski tower $750.00
All Aluminum Road King Trailer $3,600.00 $3,600.00
Gas Fume Detector $220.00 $220.00
Installation $6,250.00 $6,250.00 $6,250.00
$44,078.00 $57,648.00
Please Note items in purple must be bought with kit
Warrantee – 5 yrs on hull, 1 year on components
30% down on full boat on order, 30% after hot work, final pmt on delivery
100% down on hull only
50% down on kit aamby.valley

Helicopter mechanic Billy came to visit over the weekend — HE IS GOING TO BE OUR FIRST RECREATIONAL BOAT BUYER….starting out with a hull and by the time he gets off work in October he will hopefully have the dosh to finish it off!

we are really excited about the project and will post things….

Summer is starting to hit us…lots of riders…just need better weather

wrapping went much faster …. out of action for a day and a whole new look!

The memorial weekend was huge — our biggest ever even with a bad weather forecast  — Maria is currently wrapping #1 with 3M control Tac — the design look GREAT — pictures to follow later today.  We have a  client coming to visit to purchase a rec boat on Friday — The plan is, if we can come to deal, to build the boat strait away … so who knows…maybe the little rocketship will be on the water in july… we have various engine packages that we are working on…. it all boils down to how much you want to spend and how fast you want to go…

May 2010 — Big Bear California is up and running — SMJB #10 is a sweet machine.

Here is what Wally has to say about his boat:  “Nick….I put the boat in the Lake Saturday for some practice and ended up taking 10 friends out for an hour! Could not be more happy with the boat. No problems at 35mph into pretty strong chop with wind blowing 20 mph. Got the maneuvers down and love the way she handles. I guess I will have to let Brian have it back and go do my parasailing.”

We now have a design for a small boat 4 seater that will be a rocket ship…bare hulls will be for around $8000, complete boats fro $45k to $70k depending on jet unit engine combinations….


Currently we are working on SMJB 12 & 13 – both have had their weld inspections — just waiting for color and engine choice….

Special Wing tool

Also this month we got a new machine – I’m not sure what it does but it was built in 1954 — and works perfectly

New Milling Machine

March 2010  — MY FIRST BLOG POST

As it snows, closing schools, making it so that the kids are once again terrorizing the cat, dog, mom and dad….

I hope for warmer weather and the opportunity to test our latest creation headed to Big Bear Lake California.  Smoky Mountain Jet Boat #10 will be ready for sea trails early in April.  We will be using a KEM equipment 8.1 liter engine in combination with a Hamilton 212 jet….Also instead of Paint we will be using a new 3M system for boats similar to vehicle wrap called Control TAC. See:  (

Progress is flying along on our 24 seater — should be ready for submission to the USCG very soon…. call if you want more info

We are currently working on 2 – 12 seaters — with a few more CAD changes things are fitting together very tighly…

here are some photos:

If you are looking for some really good music please visit our buddy’s website: .  Tom is amazing and I highly recomend his poetry or see him live if you can

As for movies — Man on the Wire is the best movie I have seen in FOREVER!

New For this year for jet boats is more hiking trips — guided hikes out of deep creek in the mornings….

New uses for duct tape, kids and a snow storm:

March 15

We are making great progress on SMJB 12 & 13 — I don’t think that Adam will like it but I think we are going to make our inspection date for #10 (still waiting on parts!) and weld inspection on the others…

Been working with a nice fellow who is thinking of opening on Lake Santeela …he’s at the bank!

It seems that if I am in the shop I just slow things down so I’m going with the family to Panama for spring break.  We are looking at a few places that will be awesome for jet boating.

Here are some photos of Adam installing the jet unit….

Also included are some photos of some work we did for Bryson Cities FIRST BREW PUB….opening soon!

May 8 — after a long struggle we have switched our ISP to Go Daddy – hopefully less down time and no lost emails…. more importantly we sent Wally and Brian to California with their new boat.  Maria use 3M control tac 180c instead of paint… Man the boat looks AWESOME and goes even better….

We are busy doing rides and the lake is totally full…..

Plans for the “big boat” are ready for submission

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