Check out some commonly asked questions

What Grade of Aluminum do we use?
Aluminum is 5053 and 5086 series and thicknesses vary through out the hull, the base of hull is 10 mil.

How fast are the boats?
They are built to go 50 miles per hour, but ride the ride is more about the maneuverability.

What size motor do you install?
In the 12-passenger a LS3 Chevy – 415 hp.  We highly recommend a Steyr Diesel in all our boats.

In the twin either twin LS3′s w/ a HJ 212 or 213 or a variety of 300 hp high speed diesels with HJ 213 or HJ241

How deep does the water need to be?
To rise on plane you need 18 inches, once the boat is on plane only four inches is required.

Are they all-Aluminum?
Yes, hand fabricated, cad cut.

What jet drive do you use?
Hamilton 212, 213 or 241.

How long is the Warranty for?
Hull and installation, is 1 year
Engine – 1 year
Jet unit one year.

How many people?

The 12-passenger boat means you can carry 11 and a captain/driver.  The larger 25′ and 30′ boats carry a total of 25  — it is up the the Local USCG to decide if a crew is required.

Do you need to be a US captain?

If the waterway is under U.S. Coastguard jurisdiction, Yes.  25 ton Masters license

How long are the boats?
20′ for the 12 passenger, 25′ or 30′ for the 25 passenger

What sort of paint? Awlgrip, most durable on the market.

Are they transportable overseas?
You can fit two of the 12-passenger boats in a 45-foot container.

The larger boats need to be “top racked”

How much fuel do they burn?
8 gallons per hour with 11 passengers.

the twins burn about 12 gallons an hour at 30 knots

Can these boats be used in the sea?
They are rigged for fresh and salt water.  The 12 passenger boats need to be operated in light chop, the larger boats can operate in most conditions.

What type of electrical wiring do you use?
Marine grade, coast guard approved with heat shrunk connectors,

What noise do they put out?
Compared to a 200-horsepower outboard, they are quiet.  We have a CE certificate that at Wide Open Throttle they are less than 80db at 30 meters.